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18 February 2006

thank goodness for chef boyardee

it's been an eventful few days but it's the kind of eventful that won't seem like much of a big deal to you so i'll spare you the minutiae. here are a few things i've had on my mind though.

how come i'm so terrified of answering when people ask me who my favorite band is, or what my favorite movie is? i have no problem with the favorite beer question (brooklyn lager, dude). i think it's because i'm afraid to be judged on my personal preferences. which really, when you think about it, is a much better thing to be judged on if you're resigning yourself to snap judgments and first impressions than hairstyle or yellowness of teeth or something. i should probably just learn to pull the trigger.

that could've been its own paragraph. i should probably just learn to pull the trigger. there, that's better.

walking between the subway and my apartment today around 3pm i stopped in the grocery store. wanna know what i got? ok. i'll tell you: you couldn't have punched the grin off my face when i waltzed up to the counter with a large can of beefaroni in my hands and nothing else. $2.49 later, i was the happiest boy in queens.

i'll be recording again this week. i'm sure i'll have plenty to say about that as it goes down.

i started laughing out loud on the subway today and drew attention to myself because i remembered a story about a physics ta i had in college one time. maybe i'll tell you that soon.


  1. this has nothing to do with your post, but... zox is coming to albany. amazing!

  2. you should check them out...they have a pretty big following there actually because the radio station (WEQX?) plays them a bunch. rumor is they just signed to a label, too. rock.