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26 February 2006

there are power lines in our blood lines

i'm sitting down and making myself write. because it's been a few days. i've missed you. this bond we share. where i tell you things and i never know whether or not you skim or you pore or whether you think i'm a waste of time or whether you know it. but i like our arrangement.

my friend cate gave my music one of the greatest compliments i think it's ever gotten the other day when she said that every time "a save situation" by the format comes on her ipod she thinks it's one of my songs at first. i don't know if you listen to the format but they're one of my favorites and that song especially (last song on the record interventions and lullabyes) is just so damn pretty. for the record, i'm at least 3 ballparks away from those guys, but i swelled up like a big bearded balloon when she said that anyway.

i did a little work on some songs this week. "a viking's funeral" (which is starting to feel like the song that refuses to be finished) has been transposed up a few steps so i can sing it bettter, and what used to be a simple piano part has been cannibalized by technology but for now i think it's sounding pretty cool. i guess eventually you'll be the judge. i think i'll set aside a day next weekend to sing the shit out of it. hopefully i'll find time during the week to lay down the new guitar part (same as the old one, only hopefully played tighter and capoed).

so what else is going on? well...a lot and not a lot, i guess. seems i've been so busy i don't have time to think lately, but not very many stories to show for it.

i'm kicking around the idea with a friend of writing a movie. a comdey, even. because we're hilarious. it'll probably never happen.

trouble finds you when you aren't looking for it. and also when you are.

i bought some new shoes. they're a little too big but i'm making them work.

pierogies and applesauce at 3am is probably one of the greatest ideas in recorded history.

i can't stop listening to the decemberists this past week or so. especially "the engine driver." which you can listen to, conveniently. right here.

ok i think that's just about enough out of me.


  1. First shout out. I am honored.

  2. I read everything... even when I have nothing to say back :)

    The Decemberists are cool. Shanty for the Arethusa is my recent fave, in a way that gives me chills. Good stuff, that.