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03 February 2006

maybe i'll see you at a movie sneak preview

i sent out a couple half-hearted feeler text messages tonight from my mobile phone, but i don't think i really wanted to go out, because i didn't really send them until i had already opened a bottle of wine and changed into pajamas. tonight is guitar, chinese food and wine night. which, really, every night should be. it's about 9:45 right now. i'm going to leave this open for the next few hours while i play and write and think and if anything comes to me, i'll be sure to log it here.

10:10 - i just remembered that i got an email from a friend who just finished up some training in kuwait and now he's in iraq. talking about his tent and stuff. it was amazingly upbeat. also, it came marked "unclassified" with a really scary disclaimer. i don't know if he has to let someone else read it before he sends it or what. i've slept in lots of tents before, but my greatest fears have been woodland creatures. woodland creatures don't usually pack much heat. only claws. but he's got 6 months starting now. i hope it goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

10:20 - clearly i'm not being super productive if i keep coming over here. but i was just playing "ladies and gentlemen of the jury..." the way i used to play it when i first wrote it which is by putting a chorus and verse of "dammit" by blink-182 at the end. fucking emo. that song rules and i don't care if you disagree.

10:45 - i just retaught myself a chord progression i wrote a very long time ago and had completely forgotten. thanks, yellowtail. fyi - this is the only music i've ever written that contains jazz chords. totally freak accident, probably. but it sounds kinda cool.

11:07 - tonight is important because i'm getting to know my guitar again. a funny thing happens when you spend all your time behind a console mixing sounds together. you forget how to actually play your own songs on an acoustic guitar. i didn't write a damn thing tonight. i just taught myself how to play again. but they're stomping on the ceiling now for me to hush. those fuckers. they keep me up at least one night a week. but i don't have the heart to make it an issue.

11:11 - this night is ending earlier than friday nights usually do but there's strange comfort in that. i have the warm sheets on my bed...the ones that are like t-shirt material. they used to make me way too hot when i didn't sleep alone.

oh and one last thing. my fortune cookie tonight, it said "there's more to balance than not falling over." i swear to god you must need a graduate degree in philosophy to write for those guys.

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