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22 February 2006

"but he's my favorite dude in the world"

i woke up today with dried blood on my lip. i must've bit it while i was sleeping. i hope i was dreaming of something lip-bitingly awesome and not something horrible, but i guess it doesn't really matter since i can't remember either way. well, some people would argue that it does because dreams are an expression of your subconscious etc. but if four years earning a degree in psychology have convinced me of anything, it's that i don't really buy most of that stuff.

my friend rich had a pretty awesome day today. he went to the restroom at work and when he was at the sink guess who came out of a stall and said "what's up?" (!!!!!!!!!!) ready for it? ok. bruce springsteen! rich went to the bathroom next to bruce mf-ing springsteen. i would reprint some of our resulting instant message conversation here for you, but it was pretty scatalogical. save for the sentence i made into the post title. holy goddamn though.

being the endless fountain of cool that he is, rich responded with "how's it goin'?" and then i imagine bee-lined to his computer to tell everyone he knew. that's what i would do anyway.

i guess about 2 hours later he got up to head to the bathroom again but turned back because he saw bruce heading in again, too. and that would've been weird.

when i heard about that i probably could've done a backflip.

tonight i made mango chicken and fried rice and it came out awesome. i guess i consider it practice for when someday i might be called upon to cook for people besides myself. because as you know, i'm happy just to eat beefaroni.

this always happens. i wrote a lot already and haven't even really gotten to any kind of point. i've had some really interesting conversations lately about life and art and why and how and all day today i've been trying to make some sense of it to myself but i'm not there yet. but maybe getting there isn't the point. probably. in the meantime there are songs to sing.

oh. i've been meaning to show this to you and never getting around to it. might as well do it now since this post is about as scatterbrained as can be anyway. there's this crazy guy who muted the first harry potter movie and talked over the whole thing. you can read up on it at wikipedia if you're interested. and here's an excerpt. some people think this is hilarious and some people think it's annoying but i think it's funny and maybe you will too.

(you might need to pause it and give it a minute to load.)

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