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15 February 2006

if i shave tonight i'll look perfectly unshaven-because-i-don't-care for the weekend.

when i was maybe 7 or 8 years old a kid on the schoolbus who i must've been looking at said to me "what are you looking at, butthead?" i dunno, maybe i was even younger. and i was probably looking at him because he said something funny, or did something cool. it's the first time i can vividly remember that another kid was just outright mean to me for no good reason. and i went right home and asked my mom what to do. and i was crying.

i'll never forget what she said to me. she said that the next time, i should answer "a butthead, butthead." since that day a lot of kids said a lot of mean things to me (still do, once in a while) but never again did anyone do it in that exact way. so i am still waiting to use that line on someone. i'll be ready when the time comes.

yesterday was valentine's day. i did not celebrate. but if you've got someone who keeps you warm at night i hope you did something nice for them and i hope they did something nice for you. it's a hallmark holiday and through that lens it's total bullshit but sometimes maybe you need to be reminded to do something nice for your someone even though maybe you should just try to do that every day.

dick cheney shot his friend in the face this weekend. and although they kept it under wraps for a while which was a bit shady, he owned up to it today and took responsibility. i'm almost convulsing as i write this, but i think that was a classy move. you have to give credit where credit is due. otherwise you're just a jackass.

i only have one pair of scissors in my apartment so that means i use the same tool to open ice pops and to trim my ... hair.

let's talk about something else, shall we? i've been taking a sanity break from recording since early january. but i'm feeling much better now and will be getting back on the horse next week if all continues to go well. i've been warming up to it by screaming along to songs in my car. i've got "you" by radiohead down pat. and that means i'm ready.

also i will never write a song as good as that one. and this is more so that i don't forget than for your information since i doubt you care but i've been working on a new song that still won't be ready for a long while but it's going to be called "the better half of january."

my apartment is full of paper with scribbles that i want to remember.

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