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04 February 2006

three cheers for blah blah blah

  1. am i gunshy or am i too proud?
  2. what's the difference and does it matter?
  3. i overanalyze everything. i assume everyone else does, too. which is probably a mistake.
  4. i suck at a lot of things but one of the things i suck most at is keeping milk in my apartment.
  5. cut your losses.
  6. one of the screws that holds the seat onto my toilet is broken, so it's a fucking deathtrap. if i ever don't surface on here for more than a couple days, you'll know what happened. call the authorities.
  7. what a way to go.
  8. if god really loves all his creatures equally, i'm probably in big trouble for the way i treat cockroaches. that is, of course, unless my theory that cockroaches are the spawn of satan holds any water.
  9. throw in the towel.
  10. if i ever get punched in the face again in my life, i hope it's because i told some beefy benchpresser who's bothering a hot girl in a bar that i was sick of his "fuckshittery." ("shitfuckery" would also work. tomayto tomahto.)
  11. i am reservedly excited to see v for vendetta after i just watched the trailer. did you know one of the wachowski brothers is a chick now? seriously.
  12. i used to work with a guy who said coffee is always better if you use two filters when you make it. he also was a big fan of bill o'reilly. but he was right about the coffee.
  13. playing right now: springsteen - point blank. shocker.
  14. there's this guy bob lefsetz who writes these rants and emails them out to people. i guess he's a lawyer and as such associated with the music industry. sometimes it gets a little name-droppy and he is all over apple's jock with ipods and shit, but it's a helluva good read sometimes too. you know, if you need any more things to read during your day. he says things like "If machines could tell us what feels good then dildos would be as good as dicks." real role model material. i've been waiting for a gem like that to recommend him to you.
  15. if you think i'm emo you should meet my little brother. sometime soon you might.
  16. timing is everything.
  17. this is probably old news but it was new to me and it made my soul hurt. did you know about this book? if you've read it please don't ever seduce me and make me marry you. i am absolutely terrified.
  18. good harmonica players mesmerize me.
  19. new york city for too many years.

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