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05 February 2006

tonight, tonight

i'm going to keep this short because i'm not really in the kind of shape to be communicating, but i figured i should mention that i bumped into james iha tonight, which was totally bizarre since i just was telling you how i never have when apparently everyone else always does. karen o was there too, from yeah yeah yeahs, but who cares?

the rule, i guess, is the shadier the place you go, the more people you will see that you recognize from the television. if you go to a place that smells like piss and has wood paneling and the guy who takes your empties off the table is at least 85 years old, you're pretty much guaranteed to see someone famous.

for the record, even though i joked about asking james iha some potty question the other day, i played it cool like a true new yorker and acted like i could give a shit.

oh what a glorious city. i'm kinda sleepy.

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