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22 August 2005

nobody calls me a retard... you friggin' hobo!

as i get more busy and have more exciting things to say, i have less time to post to this thing and so less things get posted. that's ironic, huh?

things have been mostly good lately, i've felt a lot more even keel the past few days than i have for months. of course, i'm sure i'll find a way to rock my own boat again soon, but for now i'm sitting in calm waters with a good book and a strong drink and aviator shades that i bought for $5 on lexington avenue.

i stayed late at the office again today to take advantage of the quiet building to re-record some vocals for an old old song. james will be happy because he played guitar and bass on it so he says it's his favorite.

but i'm teasing you because i won't be posting it anytime soon anyway. i'm really toying with the idea of putting together an ep (probably 7 songs?), and this particular song will fit way better in the context of such a record than it would solo. or something.

plus even though i sang it for hours tonight i hate how it came out. emo.


  1. Rock tease.

    Eh? Get it?

    Hey, that's something else that was missing from your plans for last weekend -- watching Slackers another zillion times.

  2. i dunno about a zillion, but i did watch it once. still as good as ever.

  3. Yeah that song rules. Not really cause of the guitar. It fell out of your hair that way.

  4. i'm the kinda guy who will
    not insist you go on the pi-hill