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18 August 2005

back pat

i have raved about endless mike and the beagle club before. they are so good. seriously. go listen to them now or you may regret it forever.

but yeah, i got a note today from mike miller (who writes/sings their songs) telling me he liked my songs. holy crap, right? total holy crap.

i mean, one time a friend of james's played the stuff for sean lennon (yeah, that sean lennon) and he said he liked it, but that's a friend of a friend story and i wasn't there and sean lennon didn't f-ing email me.

i dunno, it's just really nice to know that someone who you respect so much also respects you. so if you're drinking*, raise a glass to mike miller for making my week.

*if i were you reading this blabbering, i'd want to be drinking.

[afterthought: anytime i get an email from anyone saying they like my music it makes my week. this is just kinda like, if you were out somewhere golfing and phil mickelson happens to walk by and be like "hey guy, nice swing." it's just kinda cool, that's all.]


  1. Dude, I told you you were a rock star. I'm putting in my application for roadie now. When you start touring 'n shit, hit the Lou. I'll hook you up.

  2. i am going to hold you to that. i expect to sleep on the finest futon st. louis has to offer. and to drink the shittiest beer it has to offer. can you deliver?

  3. Might be the other way around. Keep in mind St. Louis is the hometown of Busch, so we got all the finest and freshest Budweiser in the country.

    Yet I still drink PBR.