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19 August 2005

in my mind i've gone to carolina

i had a shitty day at work today. nothing profoundly bad actually happened, i just got a few snarky remarks from people for no real reason. bah, that doesn't matter. i haven't really had a minute to slow down since i got back from vacation a week and a half ago, and i think it just caught up with me today. so here's the tentative plan for my friday night:
  1. sit around in my underwear
  2. listen to james taylor and pretend i can sing like him
  3. drink a few colt45 22 oz bottles (seriously. $1.25 each. there is still a trace of justice in this world. billy dee williams was on to something.)
  4. play some guitar and pretend i can do that like james taylor too (this will require a lot of colt45)
  5. play some sega genesis
  6. chappelle's show season 2?
how does that sound to everyone else? because it's sounding really good to me.


  1. Man, there's not nearly enough pr0n in that plan. Work on that for next time.

  2. relax man, i listed that between the lines. see, i like to pretend my mom reads this even though i don't think she really does.