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16 May 2006

stockholm two

  • apparently tipping a cab driver is the most confusing thing you can ever do in sweden.
  • there's been something i wasn't able to put my finger on about this place, until a nice british fellow named nigel that we've been spending time with pointed it out. people stare you in the eyes here. according to nigel, that's true about all "scandies." but coming from new york (or london) where people would rather poke their eyes with a fork than look into yours with them, it's rather unnerving.
  • the toilets here have two flush options. from what i can gather (based on the size of the buttons) one is your standard flush, and one is for when you really mean business.
  • the money here is strangely sized. like coins in the us, all the different denominations for the paper money are different sizes. and the exchange rate is roughly 7.5 kronos to a dollar, which is tough math to do on the fly in your head. so i have basically no idea how much money i've been spending.
  • last night i went to a bar made totally of ice. you drink out of glasses made of ice. they give you a parka and mittens. it was awesome, but also basically a commercial for absolut vodka, which was the only liquor they served. also it was etched into the ice walls in a bunch of places.
  • i am so tired that i am having trouble remembering things. this happened to me the summer that i worked at a golf course and had to wake up every day at 4am, too. when you don't sleep you don't remember.
  • i haven't been taking as many pictures as i should.


  1. Don't you have the two button toilets in the US? You wasteful people you! hehe The small button is a half flush, for saving water, usually for number 1's. The other button is a full flush. It's for number 2's.

    I get the whole super tired thing too. My last flight back from the US was 28 hours in transit, and i got home at 8am. I was trying to get straight back on local time, so I stayed awake all day. My boyfriend took me out for lunch, I don't remember a thing that happened that day.

    It's strange flying for 30 hours, having been somewhere foreign for weeks, and then within about 10 minutes everyone just picks up their roles and it returns to normal. It always makes me feel uncomfortable that it happens. The world is a strange place.

  2. i can't say it any better or really add to what you said, but i agree with you on the discomfort of just picking up and dropping when you travel. well, i kinda can add to it, but i won't.