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10 May 2006

rumble rumble

so here it is. i am not very good at playing this. but i do own it now, and i guess when you suck hard the only way to go is in the direction of sucking less hard. so i've got that going for me.

it's got a bit of a buzz, which is pretty much standard for any new guitar that got shipped across the country to you in a cardboard box. i really wish i knew how to fix that myself so i didn't have to take it to some music store and pay to have it all tuned up, but well, i don't. other than that, i'm happy with it and i did get it for a decent price so i'm not complaining.

in other news, (i don't think i've mentioned this on here yet) i'm going to sweden for a few days next week for work. when i went to get my passport picture taken, the nice old man who owns the photo store near my apartment said "like that?" which pretty much sums up my entire life.

i think the last time i cut my hair was in november. maybe earlier. actually i have no idea.

i know i don't talk about it much but the music is coming along. ever progressing. slowly. and like i said before, when it's ready it'll all be free. a bunch of it already is at myspace. more of it will be soon at purevolume.

here's a list of 5 things i'm scared of:
  1. an elevator door opens up and a werewolf eats my face.
  2. girls. everything you can think of that has to do with girls.
  3. in my hometown there are always bats flying around at dusk. (i am from transylvania.)
  4. being locked in an airtight room with my brother (i think you know what i am talking about).
  5. the oozinator.


  1. I think you should post the passport photo! Especially if it got a "like that!" comment.

  2. omg. the oozinator. that is scary.

  3. if i had a scanner i would totally show you my passport. but alas, i am without.

    the oozinator is the kind of thing the word "potty" was invented for.