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25 May 2006

heinz 57

i've been busy. let's catch up, shall we?
  • congratulations to michelle and gil, who were married last weekend. gil is the kind of man legends are made of. he played softball the morning of his wedding and yanked his hamstring and then had it wrapped so tight so that he could dance that he claimed not to be able to feel his toes. bad ass. and michelle is one of the greatest people i know. so...cheers.
  • i still haven't caught up on my sleep and i still walk around every day like a zombie. and i still really want to go back to stockholm.
  • i've been playing a fair amount of video games and i'm not proud of it.
  • people in providence (the wedding was there) always ask me why i don't come "home" more often. i won't say providence never felt like home, and i won't say i don't miss it often, but it's always strange to hear other people refer to it as my home. it's something about the people that live there. or the city itself. if you live in providence, it owns you. where i grew up in connecticut, it seemed like everybody couldn't wait to leave. and in new york everybody seems to be sticking it out for a while but nobody thinks they'll be here forever, even though they might want to. providence is the kind of place people go to be home.
  • i'm going there again tomorrow.
  • tonight i have tickets for a midnight showing of x3. things like this are the reason i'm always tired.
  • i'm mostly pretty happy these days.
  • which means i'm not writing much music. but we've been over this. it's still nice to wake up in a good mood sometimes.
  • i don't really know when this blog evolved into a this-is-what-i-ate-for-breakfast diary. i didn't ever mean for that to happen.
  • i haven't had a haircut in a really long time. i'm starting to look like frodo. when it gets this long it's hard to decide to get it cut simply because it took so long to get this way. you know? like how when your favorite pair of jeans is finally worn out and it's time to buy a new one. i can put off things like that for weeks.
  • here's a joke i just heard: mailman walks up to a door to deliver a package and rings the doorbell. a little kid answers in a diaper, holding a lit cigarrette and a martini. mailman goes "whoa kid. are your parents home?" the kids says "what the fuck do you think?"
  • shut up. it made me laugh.

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