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11 May 2006

i really ought to be packing.

i should be packing. funny thing about graduating from college is that you almost forget what a huge procrastinator you are until something like packing for a business trip to sweden comes along. then it's like "oh yeah."

there's this guy i worked with. he just quit because he got another job, and i salute him. he's basically the nicest guy in the world, so when everyone took him out to lunch every day during his last week, he didn't have a chance to eat the last couple frozen lunches he was storing in the freezer. so he gave them to me.

the other day i had this healthy choice beef thing, and it was pretty tasty but when i was done i was still way hungry. i guess that's the point. healthy means one of two things (sometimes both): it's gross or you'll still be hungry.

today i had crab soup. first of all, it took 20 minutes of very involved microwavery, which is far too labor intensive for a frozen work lunch. second of all, it was crab soup. the only reason i didn't try to pawn it off on someone else was that my buddy tapped the box a couple times when he handed it to me and said "this is good stuff."

dude, the crab soup was not good. it was stinky. there's nothing worse than carrying your lunch back to your desk from the microwave and having people go "ugh...what is that?" also it's not great when by the time you're halfway done you wish you were dead. so juan, i bet you don't read this, but if you do i just gotta ask you what you saw in that frozen crab soup.

this is the kind of story that's only worth telling when you have something important to be doing instead. like packing. the worst part is about thirty minutes ago i thought of a really clever line about the crab soup which is the whole reason i sat down to write about it and now i can't even think of it. shit.

now i am crabby. rimshot!

the soundtrack to my not packing tonight is the new snow patrol record. so far i like it a lot.

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  1. dude, i really love your blog. and snow patrol. i checked out some of their songs a few weeks ago and i should probably get their album too. my mood and their music has been in sync for a long time, i just didn't realize it until i started listening to them.