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11 June 2005

who's the big winner?

so yeah. i just got back from las vegas. i went there with my ex-girlfriend (!). it's a long story, but i'll sum it up for you: she got me a trip to vegas (in june) for christmas. then we broke up at the beginning of may. then she begged me to still go to vegas with her as a "last hurrah." then i agreed because i misunderstood what that meant.

here are things that happened there (these may someday become song lyrics and when i'm touring stadiums you can impress your friends with this rad trivia. what? that'll never happen? fuck you.):
  1. i lost a buttload of money. and when i say buttload, i mean buttload.
  2. she started sneaking phone calls to her new dudefriend before we even got on the plane. emo.
  3. the stewardess and i had the following conversation on the plane:
  4. "is she your fiance?"
    "hah. no. not really"
    "why not?! she is beautiful. don't let her slip away."
    "i'll have a coke. thanks."
  5. i gave her a really hot backrub for like 45 mins. i got no backrub in return. no sex either. although to be fair, i didn't ask for a backrub. completely platonic.
  6. i lost a buttload of money. BUTTLOAD.
  7. we saw some crazy cirque du soleil stuff. pretty awesome.
  8. the fountains at the bellagio dance to celine dion's "my heart will go on." wtf.
all in all, vegas is a rad city. my ex isn't such a bad chick even though breaking up was totally the right move for both of us(god what is happening to me?). i gambled and lost a large sum of money which i'll never see again. and now i've been to vegas. so i've got that going for me.

oh yeah, and i did record a demo of that song i promised i would, but then i misplaced the recording. when i find it, you will find it.

1 comment:

  1. Any experience adds to your memory files... More to talk about, and now you've got that going for ya.