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23 June 2005

endless mike and the beagle club

there's a band i've been listening to for a while now that is so good, i can't even take it. the songwriting is so far superior to just about everything else that it's really inspired me to try to be even half as good. so you should check them out. they're called endless mike and the beagle club, from johnstown, pa*. their official site is here, and you can hear some of their music here and here.

when you're done wowing at that, i have a few favors to ask of you. ok just one. join the mailing list. i swear, i send out maybe one thing a month (in may there were zero) but it would mean the world to me just to know you care.

actually i thought of a couple more favors. comment on this blog once in a while so i know you read it. you can do it anonymously if you're shy, i'm down with that. just don't call me an a-hole. and if you do the myspace thing, let's be friends. you'll find the link for watched pots at myspace up to the right.

*springsteen sings about johnstown in 'the river' so you know it's a cool fucking town.

1 comment:

  1. Well you told me to type something so here you go.Yeah I love Endless Mike. I went to one of their shows...they rocked. I'm friends with Adam Dixon(Mike Dixon's lil brother) so I know them well. Have a good one