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20 June 2005

and that frankly will not fly

it's really hard being a guy who likes to write songs and record songs, but not being a guy who can play lots of instruments or has a band. i attribute the fact that there've been no new songs posted to my frustration with my lack of ability to play the following instruments: the piano, the drums.

i recorded "a viking's funeral" the other day on acoustic guitar, and just wasn't happy with how it came out. it needs piano. i am stymied. now, eventually, i can usually find a creative way around my inabilities, but this time i'd really like to just have some skillful piano playing, instead of some crazy shit i come up with on a radio shack keyboard through some effects pedals.

in other news, i had an eventful weekend. i partied at the waldorf-astoria, hurt my back, saw some old faces (accompanied by new faces, emo), and saw batman beat up some ninjas. also, i recieved a mix cd this weekend, which marks the first time in years that somebody's taken time out of their day to put together songs for me...and it was right on. which is nice.

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