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26 June 2005


i went up to providence this weekend to see some old friends and to see monty's fan club (or i guess it's just monty now) play their cd release show. those guys are so f-ing good. they had the cranston youth chamber choir on stage with them for a song. unfortunately, the sound was kinda dismal, but a lot of kids came out, and people all seemed to have a good time regardless. i also got to see the lingo play, which is another great band from providence, and some of the guys from zox were in the audience and they rule too. none of these bands have heard of watched pots.

i also spent some time noodling around with guitars and reverb and vocal delays with my friend chris, who is a bit of a mad-scientist genius when it comes to producing cool sounds. it was my first time in a while messing around (musically) with someone else and i think it did me a world of good. driving back to new york i thought of what "a viking's funeral" is missing, and now i just need to find a way to make it happen (too bad it's not just a kazoo part).

and, i got some ny system hot weiners (this is a providence exclusive). if you ever get out to providence, make sure to find a place that sells these and eat a bunch of them. i'd been craving them for months, and two days after having them, i already crave again.

so yeah, good weekend. quite good.

ohmygod i almost forgot to tell you. there was a centipede in my shower today when i got back to queens. a big one. rock.


  1. There was a centipede in my apartment, too. I almost killed it, but then I remembered your song and I felt sorry for it. I sincerely do wish it all that it needs.

  2. yeah, i can't bring myself to kill the things either. the one from the other day was caught and placed gently out on the window sill.

    you know what i can kill though? cockroaches. the sight of those things turns me into rambo.