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15 June 2005


all play and no sleep make mikey a tired boy. it's only wednesday night and already i've woken up still drunk twice this week. t-r-a-s-h-b-a-g. but, i guess i wouldn't be telling you about it if i wasn't a little proud on some level. maybe i feel like if i continue to be this self-destructive, it'll make me write good songs. or piss blood.

the bottom line, though: i'm a lucky guy to have the kind of friends that i do, because without them none of this kind of week-beginning tomfoolery would be possible.

thanks, dudes and dudettes. you know who you are.

oh yeah, and i almost forgot. (this is totally lame). i made my first (and probably last) entry at and for some reason, i'm really excited about it. check it out yo.

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