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18 October 2006

today would be a good day to write a manifesto

i stayed home from work today because when i woke up i felt like total bullcrap. but then i went back to bed after making the phone call and slept until 2:30pm and now i feel much better. thing about my job is, even though it's only an 8 hour work day just like everybody else, once you've factored in the commute my whole day is basically gone. right now i would just be getting out of work had i gone, but i still wouldn't be home to get anything done for probably an hour and a half to two hours. i can't really believe i wasted that many words explaining the plight of the modern working man like i'm the only one in the world with a crappy commute.

the point is that with this extra time in my day today like a little gift from the fates, i should do something productive. like write a manifesto.

but then after staring at a blinking cursor* for about forty-five minutes i realized that very few of my opinions, intentions, objectives, or motives are complex enough to warrant much more than a collection of bullet points, which isn't so much a "manifesto." more like a "mission statement," which just doesn't sit right with me as a term. too corporate sounding. side note: when i hear the words "action items" i get a little pain in my abdomen.

so, no manifesto then. instead a long rambling post about nothing. which is what this blog used to be all about before i started being too busy to write sweet longwinded nothings in it every day. i hope you're not too disappointed.

* don't you think "the blinking cursors" would be a sweet band name? or maybe "the blinking cursers." i've got about 20 more great ideas for band names that i'll never use. damn.


  1. a bulletin? credo? a profession of ideology/personal definition?

    i liked "ukase," but that's an absolute decree from czarist russia, so that wouldn't be it.

    i'm clearly at work and have nothing better to do then hang out on

    i hope you're feeling better.

  2. i would probably spend a lot more time on if i wasn't reading gossip blogs about paris hilton all day long. and yes, i'm feeling much better today, thanks.