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21 October 2006

yes, please.

i am a godawful photographer. seriously. but today was taste of chinatown and i sit here in my room satisfied, victorious, and not much poorer than i was when i woke up. 

the basic idea is you give these people on the street one or two dollars and they give you a bit of whatever they serve in their restaurant and you keep moving. it's a zoo. a delicious, albeit slightly suspicious, zoo.

we found a little store down there that sold all kinds of weapons and ninja suits (yes, really) and it's really a certifiable miracle that i kept my wallet in my pants and didn't leave that place with a set of swords to display in my living room or something. that would've been soooo sweet.


  1. Have I told you how lucky you are to be living in New York? Huh? HUH!

  2. yeah, i know. i wish i took pictures inside that store. you would not believe some of these weapons.

  3. i have been to texas. So maybe i would do! haha or maybe not. It tends to just be big guns. No cool Asian weaponry.