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09 October 2006


this guy was awesome.
  • the first time i ever played soul caliber in the arcade i beat it on one credit. i have never repeated this, but it was pretty awesome. my friend kevin was there i think.
  • it takes me a while, but i can trudge through super street fighter 2 on the hardest setting. if you have never tried this, it's really really hard.
  • i didn't kiss a girl until i was like a senior in high school. wait. how did that get in there?
  • i can beat contra without the 30 lives code. most of the time without continuing. this is trivial and you should also be able to.
  • i may or may not still hold some high scores on q*bert at barcade.
  • i never beat double dragon 3. not even with game genie. that game is fucking impossible.
  • one time at this laser tag place with my family i got first place against a bunch of little kids three times in a row.


  1. dude, great gif, and even better link.

    that game really was a window into the future... even the near future.

    when the invasion comes, i for one plan on finding a stand of pine trees and carelessly lobbing sticks of dynamite out from my hiding place.

  2. i will follow you to that stand. but as we're jumping up the waterfall don't get too far ahead of me or i'm done for.