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04 October 2006

things i think about in the car

part of my daily commute is on the belt parkway in brooklyn. for the most part it sucks because there's always traffic and it's kinda bumpy and people drive like maniacs but there's this one part on the way home where you come over this little crest and the verrazano-narrows bridge (not just part of it, the whole thing) comes into view all at once and it's a little bit majestic. i don't think i'll ever get sick of it.

i think one of the most important skills a guy can learn is how to compliment a woman on her appearance without coming off like the grossest slimeball on the planet.

idlewild might be the best band in the known universe but they are only the third best band in scotland. wrap your head around that.

i wrote a song last night.


  1. i looked for this majestic view while stuck in traffic on the belt friday night coming from jfk. unfortunately i couldn't see it - might have made the trip a little better!

  2. it's pretty far down...between exits 5 and 4. you must live closer to civilization than me.

  3. i would personally like to hear something about that song. because you're in a band... and these things interest me.


  4. In traffic I think about how i would spend $5 million if i had it. I even think about the legal ramifications that one would have to undertake if they decided to be generous with their money and gift people with houses and the like. And also the potential impact on relationships of having and giving away so much money. I have gone very far done this road and I have a plan. Now I just need a plan to get the $5 million in the first place. Not so good at that bit.