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08 July 2006

oh, hello again.

lately i keep sitting down to write and nothing comes out right away so i go play video games instead. or stuff comes out but it comes out wrong. on the fourth of july i tried to write something about fireworks and watching a girl watching fireworks but it was the sappiest bullshit of all time so i junked it.

i'm always proud of myself when i actually can something that i've spent time on. it's important to be a tough critic on yourself. i wasn't always able to do that.

last night i went to a party on a rooftop with a charcoal grill and a giant film projector showing walk the line on the side of the adjoining building and tons of people who had things in common with each other and for once in my life it was easy to talk to people. (but only after the movie. i hadn't seen it before. loved it.) really though, can you imagine anything better than the right mix of people on the right summertime night on a rooftop in new york city with cheap beer and overcooked steaks? because i am trying and i can't.

they're more afraid of you than you are of them will be done soon. i swear to god.

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  1. that is a great movie. the camera work and the look of the film is genius. and the story is great too.