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10 July 2006

i am late to this party

have you tried sure, you've heard of it. sure, you've seen it come up on google searches when you're looking for lyrics once in a while. but have you tried it? i never had until today. and i'm hooked instantly. basically you install a tiny plugin into your media player and it keeps a running tally of everything you listen to for all the world to see. combine that with a social networking infrastructure ala myspace and you've got yourself a recipe for e-crack unlike any other.

i have been checking out the recommendations of people who like the same songs as me and monitoring the playlists of my two friends all evening. it may sound stupid. it is stupid. but it's also awesome. and i haven't even tried out most of the cool features on there yet. but the neat thing is that the more you use it the more data it has so not only do you percieve it to be cooler as you come to understand it more, it actually evolves into a cooler service the more you feed it. like little shop of horrors.

anyway. if you already use it or if i've convinced you to give it a shot, why not add me as your little friend? here's my profile (which is pretty empty still).

the only downside is now i find myself thinking twice before i put on my hulk hogan record for the millionth time. you never know who's silently judging you.

but i'm going to find ways to integrate this into the watchedpots site, i think. mostly because i'm a huge dork. and as soon as i finish "a viking's funeral" the entire album will be posted up there for all to tear apart and maybe for one or two to like.

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  1. Yes seems dangerous. Looking at your recent tracks I would probably be convinced you are in a severe state of depression.