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17 July 2006

i'm melting. meeeeeltiiiiiiinnnnggggg.

things have been slow lately. i started up a blog for myself at work too, which i really force myself to write something on at least once a day. one where i capitalize things, even. see, on here i actually have safeguards in place so that if i do capitalize something accidentally, it'll still show up lowercase. which is kinda like spending an hour on your hair to make it look like you just rolled out of bed. which i don't do, by the way.

i tell you this to explain why i've been less prolific around here lately. or it could be the heat. it is so goddamn hot in new york right now.

or it could just be the recent departure of my get-up-and-go. today i did very little other than read the first three-hundred or so episodes of questionable content, a reasonably entertaining and painfully emo web-comic.

but i suppose by necessity things'll speed back up soon. sean and i have been writing (well, sean's been doing most of the writing) some new songs, which is really lighting a fire under my ass to finish the last of the last batch. and i just officially surrendered my apartment for the end of august so we need to get our asses in gear finding a new place with new cockroaches and maybe centipedes if we're lucky and two bedrooms.


  1. Ah yes questionable content...I've been readin that since about's gotten a lot worse recently in my humble opinion. Mostly since they stopped having Pintsize feature prominently but even he's not that funny anymore when he does show up. Yet I still read it.

    Good luck with the centipedes. I know I'LL never look at one the same since that fateful day when you posted that scary video a while back.

  2. you watched that video? consider yourself among the few and the traumatized.