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29 December 2005

it's not a long walk to my place from here

today is thursday, which means it's alternate street parking day where i live and my car needs to be elsewhere by 8:30 am. it's not usually a big deal because i work, but this week it sucks because i totally planned on sleeping until noon and when my alarm woke me up at 8 and it was raining i basically wanted to throw a temper tantrum.

so i hoof it to my car in the same clothes i wore last night and plan on finding a spot quickly, and returning to my warm bed where i had been oh so happy only minutes before.

but i couldn't find a spot after one circle around the block so i got cranky and just drove 45 minutes out to long island where i've been recording and did some takes on "triple deke." nailed it, dude. on the second take. at least, i think so. i'll have to listen again in a few days. but i sound tired and kinda sick and my playing is a little sloppy. if you're a dork like me, you think that's cool because the lyrics kinda lend themselves to that sort of delivery. or something.

so. it's raining in new york city, and i think i'm going to put myself back to bed now. this day has already been productive.

also in case you missed the memo sam ash still sucks.


  1. Got the memo about sam ash. Totally ruined my plans to expand the franchise into St. Louis.

    I did miss the memo about the new lyrics page, though. Nice use of collapsable doohickies. I think that's what they're called. Oh, and I seem to have also missed the memo about why "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury" isn't going to be part of the album? What gives?

  2. i'm proud of that song for what it is and what it was, but it's not really where i'm at anymore. the whole "this is not my fault" thing. i've come to realize plenty of things actually are my fault, and i didn't really want to sound like such a total crybaby on the record.

    glad you like my doohickeys :)