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05 December 2005

i feel my luck could change

you know, with all the obsessing i've been doing (and make no mistake, it's obsessing) about my silly record, i can't remember the last time i've just picked up my guitar and played some old radiohead songs in my bedroom for no reason other than the pure joy of it. which is how all of this really started years ago.

so tonight that's what i did. unplugged and by candlelight. it was pretty emo.

it's going to snow tonight. i'm a lot more jaded than i used to be, but i still think the air before a snowstorm is electric.

not sure if you knew, but brooklyn lager is just about the best beer known to man.


  1. somehow walking on my quiet street in the snow tonight, even if only briefly, was definitely a magical moment in itself. I kept hearing the edward scissorhand's theme in my head. maybe it's the new englander in me, but i always find soft snowfall like that kind of nostalgic and purifying.


  2. See, my time in New England just made me hate snow in general. Totally lost the romantic appeal for me when I had to drive through that shit.

  3. brooklyn lager's one of my favorites too. also very good is their chocholate stout. mmmmm. chocolate stout. better than guinness.