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02 November 2005

we are the image of the invisible

so i survived the hockey game without incident. and survived a thrice concert the next night (which, in retrospect, was much more dangerous). but i chipped my tooth by chewing wrong on a bagel.

i haven't said this in a while so i figured i would: join the mailing list. tell your friends. listen to all my songs ten million times. if you see a centipede in your living space, take a good closeup picture of it before you kill it or catch it or run away from it, because i want a good picture of one for the album artwork.

btw thrice is so effing badass. seriously.


  1. Just caught a beastie of a centipede in my kitchen, which is how I discovered you... like the music, and will take a pic of said beastie before I send him off to his beastie grave outside... Thanks for the laugh!

  2. wow. please please do get me a picture. i'd be forever in your debt.