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11 October 2005


there is a bbq joint in soho (i can't even remember what it's called) that i went to last night which, based purely on food deliciousness, is the best bbq joint i have ever been to.

if you take atmosphere into account then wes' rib house in providence still gives it a run for the money. their flowering onion (absent from the menu at this place in soho, tisk tisk) is a good preview of heaven, which it also serves (along with the rest of your meal there) to bring you a little bit closer to in a temporal sense.

so anyway. while we were there my friends and i were a bit...boisterous. and as we got up to leave the 3 or so tables that surrounded around us all got deathly silent and gave us the stink-eye.

god damn that was some cold shit.


  1. As someone who has yet to eat lunch:

    that sounds-a preddy gooood...


  2. You know, tonight begins Yom Kippur. Thanks for taunting me, jackass.

  3. my sincerest apologies for the unfortunate timing of my remarks.

    hope your holiday isn't too painful.