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01 October 2005

how's this for emo?

when i was in high school i tried out for the soccer team 4 years in a row and got cut 4 years in a row. i was just thinking about how much that sucked today because i had breakfast at tom's diner in brooklyn (go there, the harvest pancakes with sweet corn and cranberries are the greatest thing on earth that you can consume and still safely operate heavy machinery).

when you're waiting for a table there's a guy who comes around and gives you cookies and coffee and orange slices. and i was reminded of ayso soccer way back when i was a kid and it was always someone's mom's job to bring sliced up oranges for halftime. if there were a pie chart somewhere representing my sweetest childhood memories,
ayso soccer would be responsible for a good chunk of the pie.

tonight i am going to drink like i mean it.

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