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06 September 2005

one in the bag

i'm finished with one song. for the record i've been talking about. for now i'm just going to sit on it though. but i thought you should know i don't just fart around all day thinking about stupid shit to type on here. i am working on songs for real.

also today i bought the fountains of wayne record out of state plates which is a collection of b-sides and rarities and it's great. and it has little stories about each song. just like i said i was going to do! so yeah. now i'm definitely going to do it.

there are more italicized words in this post than in any other post i've ever done i bet.

1 comment:

  1. I think the little stories are a great idea. It's like getting VH1's Behind the Music, but for every song. Now just add some stuff about how you had just gotten out of rehab for your coke addiction, and you'll be set for prime time.