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20 September 2005

don't pull the trigger, squeeze the trigger

i took the plunge and posted "a viking's funeral" today. i've been working my ass off on it for a while now, and i guess i just started to feel like i was making it worse instead of better, so it's up there now for a very tiny fraction of the world to hear and judge.

if you are super-fan-numero-uno you've already heard a demo of this song. it sounds way better now, so give another listen or two.

it's at all three of the usual music sites, all of which stream mp3's differently. for some reason it sounds like pottycrap on purevolume, so i'd recommend myspace or pulverradio instead.

here's the deal:
i really want to know what you think of this one. you can get in touch with me about a million different ways, just pick one and go. you can leave a comment here on this post, or you can email me (, or you can leave a comment right on the myspace or pulverradio page. even if you hate it. especially if you hate it. thanks dude.


  1. I really like it -- especially from the second verse on. The harmony with the other voice and the piano works really well together, I think. Speaking of which, is that other voice you, too? A la Howie Day?

  2. yeah man, that's all me. hollerin' like a banshee. funny story. i recorded the high harmonies at the office after i thought everyone had gone home (because it's quiet there) but then 2 of my bosses hadn't left and walked in to see what all the shrieking was about and i sing with my eyes closed so i don't even know how long they were standing there before i realized they were. that sucked.