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28 September 2005

new york city redux

i made something really pretty tonight. i can't wait for you to hear it. but i'm going to. because i want to sleep on it for a while and make sure it's really finished.

for my money, it makes my frustration last night with the recording process totally worth it. because tonight it just all came together and i found myself getting it right in one or two takes, and moving on. and with very few effects and very little mixing, i'm pretty thrilled with the results. but you'll have to judge for yourself at a later date.

i'll be taking down the "new york city demo" at the pulverradio site permanently very soon, so if you love that or something, you should go listen to it a whole lot right now.


  1. new york city is a great muse.


  2. Man, what's up with you teasing us with the new songs and taking down the old songs?

    I said it before and I'll say it again: rock tease.

  3. relax man, i'm only taking down the demo so i can put up a better version of the same song. like...way way way better.