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08 February 2012

a milestone

I started exactly one year ago, tomorrow. Right now, the pace of traffic is such that on the page's one year anniversary, it'll pass the 100k all-time views mark. And that's just for the main blog. If you count all the traffic at (which is harder to track because of how Tumblr works) that mark was passed a long time ago.

I realize that's small potatoes for a lot of bloggers out there, but I've had a lot of blogs, (notably this one, and the music blog that I toiled away at for years but whose name turned out to be a self fulfilling prophecy) that still haven't reached that milestone. So for me, it's a big deal. I'm really proud of what the PWN the SAT has become, and I look forward to continuing to refine it.

Also, I've missed writing here. I'll probably fail at this, but I hope to get back in the habit of posting here. I've really been enjoying my work at The New School, for instance. Maybe I'll talk about that.

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