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27 May 2011

I rule at laser tag.

There's actually a lot going on in my life right now, despite the utter disregard I've displayed for updating this blog lately. Those of you who know me in real life probably already know that although I'm still doing some SAT teaching, I've stepped down from my director role to allow me to head back to school this fall. I'm super pumped about that.

You might have wondered, also, about the "new project" I referred to in my last post about all the javascript I threw together in an amateurish way. I've been trying to put together a web resource for kids who want to study for the SAT on their own, and it's now built out enough that I'm not embarrassed to share it with you. I don't imagine many of you are studying for the SAT yourselves, but if you know someone who is, send them my way.

Neither of those are the reasons I sat down to type this update, though. I got motivated to say "hello" again because I just found evidence of one of the greatest feats I've ever accomplished, and I wanted to post it here before I lose it again:

One day in 2006, I went to Laser Quest with my family and played three games. AND I CAME IN FIRST PLACE ALL THREE TIMES. I am a laser tag master. Read 'em and weep.

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