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04 January 2011

The first week of the new year brings...

  1. Coffee-related inspiration. I've been putting chocolate milk and cayenne pepper in my coffee for the past week or so, instead of milk and sugar. Pros: a lasting spicy tingle, less sugar.  Cons: I've become a bit obsessed, so I'm back to two cups a day from zero cups a day a few weeks ago.
  2. Some good documentary viewing.  Amy and I watched Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop via Netflix a couple days ago and I know it's been out for a while but it blew me away.  Then yesterday we went to see Inside Job, which is about our current economic armaggeddon, and you must see it. Trailer at the top.
  3. Free time.  I stepped down from my job at the end of the year, so although I'll still be doing a ton of teaching in the new year, that's mostly at night and on the weekends, and my weekdays are free.  I'm using my newfound downtime to apply to grad school, look for jobs, get back in shape, and remain stagnantly horrible at Halo: Reach.

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