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18 May 2009

2 things

  1. Awesomely, I discovered today that even though maple and brown sugar Quaker Instant Oatmeal is best before a certain date, it remains quite serviceable and, dare I say, satisfying for at least 8 months afterwards.
  2. Usually it takes me months, if not years, to look back and be slightly embarrassed by things I've written on this site, but today I am already a bit ashamed of this line from yesterday: "I'm 27. Time to get regular with this shit." Ugh.


  1. Amazing what a little time does to your perspective.

  2. haha amazing - all of 27! I am 30 this year - argh! Going to vegas for my 30th, you and yours should pop over to celebrate.

  3. vegas, huh? sounds like a party :)