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10 March 2009

a few things

  1. To the alien race who will, in the distant future, use this blog and nothing else to learn about those who once walked the earth, fret not. February 2009 happened, despite a complete lack of evidence to be found herein. Also, humanity's greatest accomplishment was catching this on film.
  2. From sometime in early 2000 (I think) until December 2008, I wore an earring in the cartilage of my left ear. It got pulled out (not ripped through my ear, just pulled out) during a haircut at my favorite $10 barber, and I never bothered to find it and/or replace it. I've been meaning to write about this for literally 3 months, and now that I've finally typed it, I've half a mind to delete it because, holy shit, I haven't written anything for months on here and this is the best I have?
  3. Tonight I was teaching and one of the writing questions prompted me to start making the following table on the board. I can't be the only person in the world who thinks I'm funny, but I was certainly the only person in that room.

    2 things

    3 or more things











  4. Every eight or nine months, I grow a pretty decent beard (mostly because I get busy and blow off shaving). And every single time, when it finally becomes time to shave it off, I have an uncontrollable urge to give myself an awesome 'shache. So usually I do and I take a picture, and then finish the job. I've (almost) never had the nerve to actually leave the house like this.

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