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08 January 2008

come on.

So I've been bringing a clementine or two with me in the car when I drive to work in the mornings lately. Trying to eat breakfast, which has never really been a priority for me in the past. It's kinda dangerous because I peel them with one hand while I drive with the other, but so far it's been fine. I just toss the peel down on the passenger seat and stuff the whole little fruit in my mouth. But today when I looked down on the seat when I got to work, this is what was staring back at me:


OK fine so I placed the little stem thing there for effect. But that's how I peeled it, completely accidentally. Not even looking at it. And that's how the peel was staring back at me from the seat when I finally looked down.

This incident, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what the gods had in mind when they gave us camera phones.

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