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22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.

Because my brother had to work tonight, my family's doing Thanksgiving tomorrow night. But my landlord, seeing my light on, brought up a meal and a beer for me. Just one of those the-world-ain't-so-bad moments.

Actually, today's been pretty great all-around. Even though the turkey goes down tomorrow night in Connecticut, my parents trekked down into the city today, and I dragged my ass out of bed at the crack of dawn to meet them at the parade. Of course I got stuck on the opposite side of the street from them with no way to cross, but it was no big deal. I just watched the parade surrounded by little kids on their fathers' shoulders, bubbling excitement in 90 second installments as floats drifted by our viewing window, framed by the buildings on the corner of 74th Street and Central Park West. A quote I hope I never forget: "Daddy it's SNOOPY!!! Why doesn't it say MetLife on him?" A cautionary tale to any artist considering advertising as a source of revenue if there ever was one.

Went to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City today, too. It was, in every sense of the word I can think of, spectacular. And they don't waste any time in giving the audience exactly what it came for. The first full-on kickline came not more than 10 minutes into the show. So many legs.

And then I came home to a really nice compliment in a MySpace comment. Turns out "Triple Deke" is the #1 song on a girl named Grace's iPod. I can honestly say that I never in my life expected to to be told something like that. Funnily, my first instinct in replying was to suggest some other artists that are way better. But then I decided to just say thanks. Seriously though, it felt so good that I might even pick up the guitar again sometime very soon as a result.


  1. i know you wrote about commenting for commenting's sake down below, but i think your music is great and your blog is great and as a teacher living abroad in korea i sometimes spend way too much time on the internet watching kid nation and voyeuristicly (not a word. why is this not a word?!) looking at people's blogs and trying to figure out what is going on in nyc, but never saying anything. anyway, i am glad someone else likes to do ridiculously touristy things in new york around the holidays.

  2. thanks autumn...that's anything but a comment for commenting's sake, and i'm really glad you like the music. is voyeurously a word? apparently not. there should be a word.

  3. for some reason, even though i am an english teacher (well kinda fakey(another made up word) english teacher), i think just add 'ly on the end of something and you have an instant adverb. alas my dictionary does not agree. you teach test prep. make these words. i fully believe it is in your power to do so!

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