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19 March 2007

let's get on the same page

  • i got my hair cut. short.
  • that grey hair really is sneaking up on me.
  • i'm in san jose now for work. but as i think i've probably said before, the inside of a conference center looks mostly the same no matter where you go. same with airports and hotel rooms.
  • i do, however, have a king-sized bed in this particular room. last night i slept sideways.
  • i am sick as a dog and i can't seem to shake it.
  • there are forklifts whizzing by me every few seconds, which is pretty cool. did you ever see that german forklift safety video? it's awesomely bloody and campy and i never did find out if it was for real or not but it sure is awesome.
  • i'm in computer transition. it's not really an excuse for not writing on here since transition or not i am very rarely more than 30 feet from a keyboard. it should, however, make the music recording process a bit easier this time around.
  • i do, eventually, plan on recording some more songs.

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