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03 November 2006

not sure what the 'm' stands for

what would lefsetz do?

if you've been then you know and if you haven't then you're just going to have to believe me when i tell you that the cmj festival in new york is the most concentrated hipster circle jerkery you will ever witness in your entire life. the bands are cool, (not that you can ever actually get in to see any of them). even some of the people are cool. but for some reason when you put it all together it becomes a room way too full of people you don't want to talk to blahblahblah'ing about bands you probably wouldn't think are all that great if you had even ever heard of them and it's not like i think i'm free from guilt when it comes to that because i know i'm not but come the fuck on.

1 comment:

  1. I have never been but I am sure I can imagine this being the case. You are going to kill me too, josh was in NYC last week, and played at the Living Room. I meant to tell you but I got my days and timezones all topsy turvy and the show was on the night before I planned to email you. Yes. I suck,