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13 November 2006

meet roddy

i thought you might like to meet roddy (pictured here becoming sentient of himself, imagine that little brain firing on all cylinders at the wonder of it all). roddy joined the family on an uncharacteristically warm and rainy november day. i named him after roddy woomble from idlewild. he cost $4. you can find a few more pictures of roddy on flickr if you care to. they're blurry because it's really hard to get the little guy to stand still. i think he might be retarded (but i don't love him any less).

here's some geekspeek: as of today i'm publishing this blog with blogger beta (instead of blogger) which basically means i get to tag posts for even greater searchability and category functionality. i'm kinda excited about it, provided that it works. i guess if you're reading this then it does. i'll go back and tag old posts as i find the time. that is to say, i won't. because i got gears of war today and actually i might as well tell you now that you surely won't hear from me again for months because i'll be busy with that. so uh...later.

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