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17 June 2006

oh what a site

as promised, i dropped some fat stacks of paper today and purchased some hosting services from (sex sells, man) and spent a bunch of time updating some page names and moving this whole site over to its new home. it's my hope that you won't notice anything different on your end, but in the event you notice a link that's broken or something, please let me know.

what i'm able to do now is put up files for you to download right off this site instead of sending you all over god's green intarweb to get songs. so keep your eye on the music section over the next couple days as i update that.

and now that there's no domain forwarding and masking, in the unlikely event that you're compelled to link your friends here, you can send them exactly where you think they should go without needing a computer science degree.

oh and holy crap. custom 404 page ftw. totally worth every penny.

**update: that search bar won't work for a while until google re-indexes my ass.**

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