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09 July 2008


One thing I forgot to mention in the last post about my trip to California is that although I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to food, I found something new to append to my list of food I've tried, but never want to try again: pickled shark bones (which aren't really bones, they're cartilage, but whatever). Imagine if you will something that is concomitantly slimy and crunchy, and tastes remarkably like a solid form of sea water.

I'm reminded of this because I've been receiving regular communiques from Handsome James (who hasn't ever referred to himself as such, but who I hope will now consider it), who finds himself this summer in Beijing, which is infamous for its...uniquely liberal take on what is and what is not appetizing. He sent me the following image, which can go straight to the list of things I will never under any circumstances put in my mouth and chew on:
click image to see it bigger if you dare
So yeah, it's been a while since I wrote about centipedes on here, huh? Good to see you again, old friends.


  1. Shark bones, huh? One time in Spain I had a tour guide that ordered a fresh snack from a stand outside some museum somewhere, and gave me a piece to try. I will never forget the similarly slimy-yet-crunchy consistency of... fried pig ears. (The fun came when a couple of us bought an order and handed it out to the rest of the tour group saying it was chicken nuggets. We were only 13, after all.)

  2. Hmm...we used to sell pig ears at Woof! Discount Pet Supplies for dogs. They were really greasy, but unmistakably in the form of pig ears. We all tasted them at some point, and I don't remember thinking they were so great. Then again, they were never meant for human consumption.

  3. Pickled shark bones? Eugh.. How can you eat shark man? Just how?