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01 August 2007

Some things happened

  1. I did an interview on we also ran with Jaymay, who is marvelous, fantastic, wonderful, and extremely gifted. It's the interview I was teasing in this just took a little longer for us to get on the same page what with her playing shows all over the UK and me having way too many questions.
  2. I bought a new car. It's a Toyota Yaris. It weighs about the same as a lawn mower. I just filled it up for the first time since I drove it off the lot. Initial calculations indicate that I'm getting 37.7 miles per gallon. Nice. Buying a new car is totally weird.
  3. I've been doing some writing for Amie Street, which is cool. I'm finding a ton of great music because of it (The Seedy Seeds, The Absent Arch, False Heroics) and it's really forcing me to sit down and write every single night -- even moreso than I already have been with we also ran. It's good for me. Of course, They're More Afraid of You Than You Are of Them is available on Amie Street for a pittance, if you feel guilty just getting it for free here (which you shouldn't).
I really thought when I set out writing this I'd have more than 3 things. 3 hardly warrants a numbered list. Profuse apologies.


  1. Tell me more about the Yaris. Is it fun to drive? Have you taken any long trips yet? WHy a brand new car? (Hell, I'm 50 and I've never bought a car brand new, but if I did, it would be that one.)

  2. Love the Yaris. As far as whether it's fun to drive... I guess that depends on your definition of fun driving. It's tiny and it fits into pretty much any space you might like to put it, which is fun. There's not much under the hood, though.

    I didn't start out looking at new cars, but after driving a few stale-smoke-smelling used Hyundais for comparable prices, the value of the Yaris became overly clear. I do a TON of driving for work, so i needed great gas mileage (I'm getting about 37 mpg now). And I wanted something reliable. Financially, a (cheap) new car just made the most sense.