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08 June 2007

we also ran

In case you didn't click the link in the last post: My reign as the Program Director of PulverRadio officially came to a close last month when the station was shut down. About 50 million different factors played into its downfall, and I like to think most of them weren't directly my fault. So, I'm still working in the same office, but no longer programming a radio station.

I had a bit of a groove going with the blog at PulverRadio, though, and I've decided not to let that die with the rest of the site. So I'm slowly (very...slowly...) moving the archives over to a new place, and I've started writing again after a short exile. If you care what I think about music, you are cordially invited to visit we also ran. In the next few days, I'll hopefully be posting an interview that I'm really excited about...

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