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15 May 2007

Exporting Insecurity

The Format's live record, Exporting Insecurity, is up now on The thing about is that it's a great idea that's not getting the kind of traction it should because major labels (and indies, apparently) want to charge more for music, not less. So any site that lets demand set the price of music (songs range from free to a maximum of $.99, and always start free) has a steep hill to climb. Luckily, some big free-agent names like The Format and The Barenaked Ladies are warming up to the idea.

Anyway, The Format's live show was my favorite in a long list of awesome shows I saw last year, and these recordings capture that energy pretty well. If you hurry, you can go and use the credit you get for signing up with them to get Exporting Insecurity for cheap. Even free, like I did, if you haul ass. "If Work Permits" and "Sore Thumb" are absolute must-haves.

(While you're at it, if you feel like it, you can pick up my music there for about $.50 total. Sure, it's available for free right here on this site, but if you wanted to pay $.50 for it, that'd be cool too.)

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