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01 January 2007

happy new year

happy new year, everybody. last new year's day i wrote some shit and...well now that i look back i realize that it was mostly incoherent. so nevermind.

but you know, january 1 is as good a day as any (some would say better even) to take stock a bit. current status: pretty rad. 2006 was a bit of a roller coaster (i guess they pretty much all are), but right now i really feel like i'm on the right track for some good things to happen to me in 2007*.

to celebrate my reckless optimism, i jumped into the ocean today. it wasn't so bad, since the air was almost 60°, but the water sure was cold. one of my partners in crime had the foresight to bring a waterproof camera, so i'll post pictures on here eventually as evidence, provided i don't look fat or something.

please believe me when i tell you that i will brag about this for months to come. if not years. you'd do best to smile and nod.

i've been listening a lot lately to margot & the nuclear so and so's. you might like them, too.

*impromptu resolution: use less parentheses (they really are a crutch for me).

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